Amazing installation of fingerprint on the wall \ Exclusive handmade cork design.

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The installation imprint tells us about the invisible tracks that a person leaves behind. Sometimes this is enough to find out everything you need, sometimes it remains a mystery, and apart from the fingerprint, we know nothing about this person.

Sizes, 50 \ 80 cm.

Direction: Wine Cork Design Brand: #TkachukCorkStyle.

The Tkachyuk Cork style brand is a design that is not in time and fashion, perfect and durable, like the cork itself.

To date, the TCS eco-brand Tkachuk Cork Style presents the author's design #wine decorator # accessories # paintings # installations, similar to which does not exist. All work in one copy and the exact repetition is almost impossible! Author and designer: # Sergey Tkachuk (Ukraine, Kiev). Under the order, it is possible to manufacture any products from wine cork. The manufacture of all work is carried out in order of priority, paid orders.

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