Set of 7 holders for dishes made of cork and handmade wood.

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Set of decorative coasters handmade, for alcohol, mugs and hot items. Size 10/10 cm. Includes 7 stands + stand for them. The base of the tree is covered with cork mosaic.

Direction: Wine Cork Design, Brand: Tkachuk Cork Style.

The Tkachyuk Cork style brand is a design that is not in time and fashion, perfect and durable, like the cork itself.

Today, the TCS Tkachuk Cork Style eco-brand represents the author's designer wine decor, accessories, paintings, installations, which do not exist. All work in one copy and the exact repetition is almost impossible! Author and designer: Sergey Tkachuk (Ukraine, Kiev). On request, it is possible to manufacture any product from wine cork. The manufacture of all work is carried out in order of priority, paid orders.

-Why we use this particular material:

Characterization of cork material.

-One of the important points is that the cork does not absorb and does not retain odors.

- It does not form mold, fungi, and insects do not eat it.

-Cork is durable, does not change properties in heat and cold.

- Cork material is waterproof and fireproof.

- It has excellent breathing ability, does not cause allergic reactions and is completely anti-static.

- No harmful substances are released from cork materials, neither at rest, nor during heating or burning.

-Cork reduces the level of radiation, and also isolates from the harmful effects of technogenic pathogens.

-Cork life span of up to 200 years and


- Cork, it is 100% environmentally friendly natural material

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