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Ukrainian handmade brand «Tkachuk Cork Style»

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Direction: Wine Cork Design, Brand: Tkachuk Cork Style.

The Tkachyuk Cork style brand is a design that is out of time and fashion, perfect and durable, like the "cork" itself.

Today, the ECO brand "TCS" Tkachuk Cork Style represents the author's designer wine decor, accessories, paintings, installations, the likes of which do not exist. All works are in one copy and exact repetition is almost impossible! Author and designer: Sergey Tkachuk (Ukraine, Kiev). Under the order, it is possible to manufacture any products from wine cork All works are completed on a first come, first served basis.

A set of handmade decorative coasters for alcohol, mugs and hot items. Size 10/10 cm. Includes 7 stands + stand for them. The base of the tree is covered with cork mosaics.

-Why do we use this particular material:

Characteristics of cork material.

-One of the important points is that the cork does not absorb or retain odors.

- It does not form mold, fungi, and insects do not eat it.

-The cork is durable, does not change its properties in heat and cold.

-Cork material is waterproof and fireproof.

- Has excellent breathability, does not cause allergic reactions and is completely anti-static.

- No harmful substances are emitted from cork materials, neither at rest, nor when heated or burning.

-Cork reduces the level of radioactive radiation, and also isolates from the harmful effects of technopathogenic zones.

-Cork lifespan up to 200 years and


- Cork is 100% environmentally friendly natural material

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