Exclusive, limited copyright IVF handmade bags from cork

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- Exclusive. limited copyright IVF bags.

Completely handmade, made of eco-friendly materials, exact repetition is almost impossible.

- Collection of bags from wine corks, today is the only and exclusive of its kind. Since others simply do not exist.

Easy to clean, resistant to scratches and stains, do not change properties during heat and cold.

Nice to touch.

Possess an excellent "breathing" ability.

Cork does not cause allergic reactions, completely antistatic.

Created in the genre of contemporary art "WINE cork style"

Top material

Vintage, collectible, solid cork stoppers + natural fabrics

Inner material

Natural fabrics


0t 21 cm to 28 cm


16 mm to 20 cm

Bottom width

12 cm to 16 cm

Fastener type


Gold; silver - gold magnet

Wood, leather, chain.

Handle length

Wood 0t 10 cm 13 cm, leather 45-50 cm, chains 100 cm

A4 format






For manufacturing you need from 4 to 12 days depending on the model.

Used Rend "TCS" Tkachuk Cork style

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